Destiny Atheon Solo: Watch A Player Become The First To (Legitimately) Defeat The Vault Of Glass Raid Boss Alone [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 16, 2015 12:41 PM EDT

Just yesterday we saw a very impressive Destiny run, with a player completing the entire Crota's End Raid by himself in just 16 minutes.

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Today, a new feat has been achieved: Destiny player whoismendle has become the first recorded person to defeat Vault of Glass Raid boss Atheon by himself.

The challenge had never been completed before (or thought possible) because of the fight's teleport mechanic. When the game notifies the player that Atheon opens a timestream, a portion of the party is transported to another section of the level. Those inside have to grab a relic and fight their way out, while those who remained in the main area have to hold open a portal so the rest of the party can return.

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Obviously, playing by yourself seemingly makes it impossible to do both jobs--you will be teleported, and there will be nobody there to hold the portal open for you. Whoismendle successfully navigated that obstacle by intentionally killing himself before Atheon opens a timestream. The transportation doesn't happen because the player is dead, and then he uses the Warlock's Radiance ability to revive himself before the failure timer counts down.

It's clever, and seems sort of obvious now that we're seeing it. Radiance also reduces cooldown on abilities, allowing him to rapidly throw grenades, and the Bad Juju weapon equipped speeds up Super recharge time when you kill an enemy, bringing Radiance back even faster. It takes a while and is very much rinse-and-repeat, but it sure does work! Well done--I hope players can figure out a method for the other classes as well.

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