A Tinder Dating App For Gamers? 'LovelUp' Doesn't Care About Your Looks, Only That You Be Able To Hold Aggro

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 17, 2015 02:39 PM EDT

You know what the problem with dating is? The whole 'dating' part. You have to get out of bed, shave, shower, put on clothes that aren't that dirty, go meet the other person, be disappointed in their appearance because we're all so vain, listen to some stories, try not to eat too much, see a crappy movie and then "maybe" not go home alone.

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Dating is a hassle. You know what's not a hassle? Video games. Rather than do all of those things, I can just roll out of bed, fire up the old computer and be precisely where I need to be. If only we could find a way to combine the two.

Enter LovelUp, a new dating/gaming app that's entering into its Beta test phase. Unlike more traditional dating apps - your Matches, your Tinders or whatever the kids are using these days - LovelUp doesn't care about your looks. No, it cares about something far more important: your gaming skills.

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I mean, at least you can get better at video games, right?

Users are matched to game preferences. MMO fans can team up and do some questing together, strategy fans can plan their assaults with an equal minded companion, Dota and League of Legends players can yell at one another for not controlling the lanes, and FPS players can all be catfished (I would assume).

"After selecting their preferences and available times, Lovel Up sets them up on game dates where they meet each other anonymously. LovelUp helps gamers get to know each other before they meet in person." It is currently set to release as a free app.

All of my snark aside, I can actually see it being a very useful app for the more socially awkward people out there. Some folks are just shy and going to a bar or using a traditional dating app can be intimidating as hell. This could help form a bond with another human being in a safe and hopefully fun way, without anybody having one too many at the bar and making a whole scene.

As the old saying goes, "All's fair in love and Warcraft."

Interested players can sign up for the beta at the official site.

LovelUp-2015-01-20 from LovelUp Dating on Vimeo.

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