Next Crossy Road Update Adds Two New Characters: 'The Dress' And Llama Duo Of Internet Fame [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 19, 2015 02:55 PM EDT

Two new Crossy Road characters have hit the mobile sensation, both from recent internet fame. An exclusive (for now) update on the Amazon App store for Android adds "The" Dress and Llamas to celebrate a pair of the web's latest obsessions.

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A sneak peek video from YouTuber BitStern (below via TouchArcade), talks about the two added characters and shows off the in-game models. The Llamas come as a duo (you only control the first--the 2nd follows you and can be hit with no consequence), and #TheDress is worn by a female figure in its proper blue-and-black state. But those who saw gold and white are not left out in the cold--the dress' colors will change when you die and restart, a nod to the controversial nature of the dress' color that saw it rise to infamy.

For those that may have missed the internet sensations, two llamas ran amok in an Arizona community last month, leading to a televised police chase that entertained the nation way more than it had any right to. On the very same day, the picture of a dress was being circulated on Twitter, with the washed out colors of the photo leading a large group of people to see a white and gold dress instead of black and blue. The dress is in fact blue and black, but the lighting in the picture legitimately led some peoples' eyes to perceive white and gold.

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The two characters are part of an update coming to the U.K., with will add 14 nationally-themed figures to the game as seen in this video. The Dress and Llama will make their way to the iOS version of the game soon.

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