Tales From The Borderlands Episode 2 Review Roundup: Does 'Atlas Mugged' Continue The Hilarious Highs Delivered In Episode 1?

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 20, 2015 06:08 PM EDT

Tales from the Borderlands receieved a lot of praise for its first episode Zer0 Sum for offering a more humorous take on Telltale's narrative formula. The Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead adaptations from the developer are a bit more sad and dramatic, and while Tales from the Borderlands has those elements, its more comical and witty spin won over critics.

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So does the second episode, Atlas Mugged, follow up the first with the same success? Here are some review excerpts from around the web:

Polygon, 8.5/10: "You can feel the creators of some games in certain details or plot twists, but Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2 goes further. It's as if everyone is dancing as hard as they can behind the scenes to put on a show, and you're experiencing the sweat as it drips from their brow. It's the sort of game that feels like a puppy dog desperate to be liked, and you can't help but pet it."

IGN, 8.8/10: "Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2: Atlas Mugged makes the most out of its short length by packing every scene with hilarious dialogue, emotional reveals, and legitimately tough decisions. Old characters gain additional layers, new characters steal the scenes they're in, and the final scene propels the core mystery forward in a great way. After the first two acts of Rhys and Fiona's adventure, I consider myself completely on board for Telltale's wild ride."

Destructoid, 8/10: "In the end, Atlas Mugged is not quite as good as Zer0 Sum. It had me chuckling five minutes in, but there were fewer laugh-out-loud moments. It maintained high intensity in its action sequences, though none quite compared to the earlier death race. It used the unique Borderlands mechanics just a bit less. Its narrative lacked any jaw-dropping twists or powerful moments of clarity, but it still remained engaging throughout. Though it is slightly less than excellent, it is still great, and I can hardly wait to see where it goes next."

Gamespot, 8/10: "Episode One, Zer0 Sum, lets you know early on that the Borderlands series' flavor of blunt and sometimes childish humor continues to play a central role. It's still going strong in Episode Two, and in fact, may be stronger. The series began on a high point and continues to ride that wave, and although Atlas Mugged has a few lulls to allow for some environmental exploration, it's still a blitz from one high-energy scene to another."

"...Atlas Mugged has the same level of tension that closed out Zer0 Sum. The ending is more than a little nerve-rattling. If you've come to care about this ragtag band of jerks, you'll be both satisfied and possibly angry at the final emotional payoff. This is a Telltale Games production after all. It continues to be a crazy ride through a story that successfully employs the most beloved elements of the Borderlands franchise."

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