WWE Immortals Update To Add Stone Cold Steve Austin To Roster, See His Superhero Persona Here

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 25, 2015 12:52 PM EDT

The man, the myth, the drinking machine legend Stone Cold Steve Austin is at last joining his rightful place among the pantheon of WWE Immortals, the F2P mobile actioner.

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The title's co-creator Phosphor Games announced Stone Cold via Twitter yesterday. Austin is decked out in splendid regalia, with twin snakes wrapped around his arms like the chain-blades attached to Kratos in God of War.

No further details were revealed, but it's safe to assume that the acclaimed wrestler will possess some sort of ice power because "Stone Cold" is more than just a moniker. One hopes that he will come out at the beginning of every match and shotgun a beer or two (or twenty) and then use the broken cans as a weapon. Okay, chances are it would be a goblet and not a can, but the point remains the same.

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One also imagines that they'll work Stone Cold's catchphrases, especially his wonderfully ridiculous (and childish) 'What!' into the proceedings. Hopefully by interrupting whatever zinger the other players.

Obviously, he ends the fight with his hands held high, ice powers shooting forth from his snakes and boldly declares 'Because Stone Cold says so.'

Sadly, the team over at Netherrealm was unable to get Stone Cold into the lineup on March 16.

No word on when he will join the ever-growing cast of characters. Netherrealm is currently making another little fighter game you may have heard of which releases next month. That they're still putting out content for their little mobile freemium title is a great sign in their belief in the property.

Here's Stone Cold 'What'-ing his way to immortality.

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