Evolve New Hunters Details: Everything We Know About The Four New Characters Hitting Next Week [SCREENS, VIDEO]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Mar 26, 2015 10:08 AM EDT

A massive salvo of DLC is hitting the popular 4v1 multiplayer game Evolve next week on March 31- a new monster (the Behemoth), four new hunters, a free new Observer mode, and two new maps. Today we take a look at everything you need to know about the four new Hunters, the new Assault, Trapper, Support and Medic characters that will offer completely new loadouts and gameplay opportunities. 

Let's dive in.


"Torvald has a Goliath-sized beef with Monsters. Survivor of a Monster attack, Torvald was nearly torn to pieces. Rebuilt into a half-human walking tank, Torvald is heading to Shear with a head full of revenge."

For long range attacks, he comes with back-mounted Mortar Cannons, but he also carries Shrapnel Grenades that can knock weak spots into a monster, much like sniper rifle fire. He also has an insane Autofire Shotgun that does just what it says. It sounds like Torvald's going to be a (cybernetically enhanced) beast, just firepower on feet.


“Crow is a bit of a recluse. He actually retired to the unsettled parts of Shear to be left alone – until the Monsters came and screwed everything up. He understands the planet better than most, which makes him perfectly suited as a Trapper. Now, Crow and his trained pet Batray, Gobi, are going to get rid of the Monsters one dome at a time."

Maggie and her pet Trapjaw Daisy are no longer unique to Evolve! Crow can send off his little buddie Gobi to scout an area and let Crow spot nearby creatures. He will fly out a couple of hundred meters and then return. Crow also comes with a Stasis Gun that has two firing modes, a first for the game. Use rapid-fire and you'll be able to briefly slow down the monster, or charge up a shot for a blast that slows the monster for a much longer time. That charged shot goes right through armor and damages health, as well!


“A forgotten solider from a forgotten war, Slim is not human – not anymore. His DNA was genetically modified so much that this combat medic resembles some insectoid hybrid. All of Slim’s abilities not only mess with the monster, he has some unique ways to keep his fellow Hunters in the fight."

So yeah, genetically modified insect. He's got the largest Healing Burst of all of the medics, but there's a catch. The only way you can reload it is by using his weapon know as the Leech Gun, which saps the monster (and nearby wildlife) for strength. Fortunately he does have a Healing drone as well, that little fly thing in the picture above, which will zoom around healing teammates. It returns to Slim as soon as the Hunter it's healing gets attacked, though. Slim also has a Spore Cloud Launcher which will mask the scent of the Hunters- a nice way to sneak up on the monster.


“Sunny goes a long ways back with Abe and Parnell before coming to Shear. (In fact, Sunny was one of the original four Hunters, back when Evolve was first created.) Now the ace pilot, engineer and eternal optimist is coming to help her old squadmates."

She's got Shield Drones that will cover nearby Teammates, as well as a Jetpack Booster which will ensure teammates can fly faster and further, not running out of energy as long as she's in range. She only has one weapon, but it's a Mininuke Grenade Launcher, and as you might expect from the name it's the single strongest hand-weilded weapon in Evolve.

That's it for the new Hunters for Evolve, but don't forget that the fourth monster, the Behemoth, is also hitting on the same day. Check here for more info on that hulking brute. Two new maps will also hit which are sadly Xbox One exclusives for a month but all the other content, including the free Observer mode that lets you view ongoing matches, is hitting all platforms on March 31. 

If you have the $24.99 Hunting season pass you'll get all of the new Hunters, or you can buy them individually for $7.49 each. The Behemoth will be free for those who got the Evolve Monster Expansion Pack, although you can also buy him seperately for $14.99.

What do you say- are you diving in?

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