'Pillars Of Eternity' Review Roundup: Did Obsidian Strike Gold With Its Wholly Original CRPG?

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 29, 2015 09:31 PM EDT

Obisidian, developer of many well-received RPGs in the past, seems to have struck gold again with its newest effort, Pillars of Eternity. The classic-style RPG takes some traditional formulas and adds a twist, and has receieved praise for its narrative and writing. Here are some excerpts of reviews from around the web:

PC Gamer, 92/100: "This is a big, fat, deep adventure that lets you carve your own unique path through a fantasy world that's been brilliantly brought to life with rich, evocative writing. It's a game steeped in a bygone era of computer RPG design, but somehow it doesn't feel archaic. Obsidian have always been bound to other peoples' worlds-Fallout, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, South Park-but in creating their own from scratch, they've made not only their best game to date, but one of the best RPGs on PC."

IGN, 9/10: "Pillars of Eternity embodies nearly everything that's great about old-school RPG experiences. and the quality of its writing and the attention given to every little detail of its world is such that it sometimes feels like Neil Gaiman is playing dungeon master here. Most importantly, Pillars of Eternity paves the way for what should become a landmark RPG series in its own right. It honors the classics, brings great ideas of its own, and in the process it emerges as a classic itself. Games like this are always about the journey, and it's sure as hell a journey worth taking."

Destructoid, 8.5/10: "Obsidian has crafted a game full of challenge, intrigue, betrayal, and heart. The Eastern Reach is bleak and hopeful at the same time, and the main plot is packed with twists and surprises with staggering ramifications for a world players will feel they have become part of. Its combat is tense and relentless despite the capability to pause at any point, the mechanics offering complex strategic challenges with difficulty settings to accommodate most levels of skill. Pillars of Eternity proudly carries on the legacy of the classic computer RPG, and those who remember them with fondness should find in it a welcome addition to the genre."

The Escapist, 5/5: "While Obsidian Entertainment has made some changes to the formula, Pillars of Eternity is a perfect homage to the isometric RPGs of yesteryear that manages to go beyond just replicating those experiences.

It's this sense of familiarity mixed with new concepts that is Pillars of Eternity's secret strength. There's just enough of the trappings from Baldur's Gate, Dungeons and Dragons, and the like that you're not going to get confused or feel lost playing it for the first time. Fighters still smack enemies, Wizards sling spells, Priests heal, and Rogues pilfer everything that isn't nailed down. But there are enough subtle differences to give you a feeling of accomplishment for trying something new or thinking outside the norm. Many of these concepts come to the fore in character creation."

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