New Crossy Road Update Adds UK & Ireland Flavor With 17 New Characters: Unlock The Tardis, Queen's Guard, Chimney Sweep, & More

By Alex Riviello , Updated Apr 01, 2015 11:25 AM EDT

Hipster Whale has just updated their massively popular free to play game Crossy Road with a special UK & Ireland-themed update. The 48.9 MB update is available for download right now from its respective iOS and Android stores and offers players 17 brand new characters to unlock.

As per usual for the game, unlocking a new character doesn't just mean you'll get someone new to play as, for new characters sometimes change up the look and feel of the world completely. The Fancy Gent, for instance, changes the game into the style of a silent film, completely with tinkly piano as the soundtrack. The Piper does indeed play his pipes, not hesitating to take a breath as he hops across busy roads and rivers, even when it's raining non-stop, the way it does in the UK.

 Here's a full list of what you can find.

- Butterfly
- Badger
- Fox
- Squirrel
- Queen's Guard
- Bobby
- Piper
- Chimney Sweep
- Fancy Lady
- Fancy Gent
- Schoolgirl

All of these can be obtained by being lucky and spending 100 coins in the Prize Machine. This nets you a random character, although of course it can be one that you own already. If you really want a specific character badly (that Fancy Lady is a Mary Poppins analogue!) you can simply pony up $0.99 to unlock it right away.

There are also secret characters to unlock that aren't available via the Prize Machine, and must instead be earned through some other mysterious means. In the past that's been through getting high scores, secret pickups, and other methods.

We'll be hunting them down ourselves today- have you had any luck? The one thing that's great about this update is that it's obvious what the secret characters are, thanks to their unique shapes. There's no way that can't be the Tardis in the UK update, right? Check out the screens below and see what you think they are.

Good luck unlocking them all!

UPDATE: That last secret character is indeed a leprechaun, and we have confirmation from Kevin Valenzuela, who emailed us with his proof! Here's how he got it- "I unlocked the leprechaun by playing as the 'Bobby' and collecting a little 'leaf' on the ground but this leaf happened to be a four leaf clover and after I walked over it to collect it I died (on purpose) and then it showed me that I got the leprechaun."

So there you have it! Thanks to Kevin for the tip and keep a look out for four leaf clovers if you want to play as the little green guy. Here's what they look like:

He also dicovered the "Phone Box". "play as the bobby and then find a field and then as you get near the field you'll hear an old phone ringing and then you'll find the phone box in the middle of the field, and then once you walk up to it you'll hear the phone "disconnect", and then once you die, you'll get the 'phone box'". Here's what it looks like!

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