Samsung Reveals Curved Soundbars To Fit Perfectly With Their 2015 SUHD TVs

By Alex Riviello , Updated Apr 02, 2015 11:47 PM EDT

At an event in NYC today, Samsung Electronics Inc revealed four new Curved Soundbars, the perfect companion to their upcoming line of Curved UHD TVs.

It's of course nearly impossible to gauge sound during a packed industry event but they are promising unmatched sound quality, as well as the perfect speaker option to make your home theater just look appropriately badass. These things curve just right to line right up with the new TVs. They also cost a pretty penny, but presumably if you're buying a Curved SUHD TV you have another grand to ensure great sound to go with it.

“Samsung’s heritage of innovation has continuously driven the company to create revolutionary products that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the home entertainment industry,” said Jim Kiczek, Vice President of Audio Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “This year we expand our industry leading Curved Soundbars that not only blend state-of-the-art technology with breakthrough design, but also pair perfectly with our best-in-class TV products. Together they deliver unmatched picture quality and crystal clear audio to create the ultimate immersive home entertainment experience.”

There are four Soundbars on the way: and the HW-J8500 ($1,299.99), the HW-J7500 ($799.99), and the HW-J6000 ($499.99) are all available now, each coming with a wireless subwoofer. The HW-J6500 ($549.99) does as well, although it won't be available until later this month.

Here are the full details about each model, and which new 4K TV models you are expected to pair them with-

Samsung’s HW-J8500 Curved Soundbar with Wireless Sub – "The Samsung HW-J8500 Curved Soundbar comes with 350 watt output capabilities through 9.1 Ch discreet center and side speakers, and by projecting audio from three sides creates a wider listening field that effectively increases the sweet spot to ensure listeners seated anywhere in the room can fully enjoy the surround effect. The soundbar is built to support HD audio (192kHZ/24bit) and will also enable wireless connectivity with the TV SoundConnect feature. The HW-J8500 matches perfectly with Samsung’s 65- and 78-inch curved TVs and is available for purchase now, for a retail price of $1,299.99."

Samsung’s HW-J7500 Curved Soundbar with Wireless Sub – "Employing 320 watt output capability, 8.1 channel stereophonic sound, and a newly designed 7-inch wireless subwoofer, the HW-J7500 Curved Soundbar delivers rich and powerful sound that complements and enhances the home theater experience. The HW-J7500 is also compatible with Samsung’s Wireless Audio Multiroom ecosystem and can be used alone or in combination with other supporting Samsung home audio products to provide maximum listening options. The HW-J7500 pairs perfectly with Samsung’s 55- and 65- inch Curved TVs and is available for purchase now, for a retail price of $799.99."

Samsung’s HW-J6500 Curved Soundbar with Wireless Sub – "The HW-J6500 Curved Soundbar creates the ultimate home theater experience thanks to its wireless active subwoofer, 6.1 channel output, and Surround Sound Expansion that expands the optimal listening area by elevating the height of the sound so that it is level with the TV. With Wireless Audio Multiroom functionality it connects seamlessly with other supporting Samsung products. The HW-J6500 Curved Soundbar pairs perfectly with Samsung’s 48- and 55- inch Curved TVs and will be available this month at a retail price of $549.99."

Samsung’s HW-J6000 Curved Soundbar with Wireless Sub – "The HW-J6000 Curved Soundbar employs the latest digital audio technology, as well as 6.1 Ch output to provide rich and lifelike sound that enhances the home theater experience. The HW-J6000 features a premium and elegant build that boasts a sleek design ensuring the soundbar looks as great as it sounds. With TV Sound Connect powered by Bluetooth the HW-J6000 easily connects to select Samsung TVs to immediately provide a gripping and enhanced viewing experience. The HW-J6000 matches seamlessly with Samsung’s 48- and 55- inch curved TVs and is available now at a retail price of $499.99."

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