Star Trek Online Iconian Invasion Event Begins: Starfleet Needs YOU To Help Repel The Alien Menace!

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 03, 2015 10:21 AM EDT

Free to play MMORPG Star Trek Online has just begun the endphase of a storyline years in the making: the Iconian Invasion.

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The sinister and vastly superior race has finally emerged from hiding and looks to finish the job of galactic conquest, the culmination of war that began thousands of years before Starfleet. We mustn't let that happen and the powers that be need you to help the fight!

The invasion event will last several weeks, with each week bringing new rewards and adventures for those who brave the Delta Quadrant to help keep the tide at bay. Similar to other MMO's world events, this 'galaxy event' is completed by everyone pitching in. Every time a Delta Recruit finishes a story mission for the first time, this will contribute to the meter. As the meter hits certain benchmarks, this will unlock progressively better rewards for the following week. For instance, when you complete the first task, all the XP for the next week will be increased by 50%.

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"Hitting the second benchmark improves this to 100% more skill points and expertise, and hitting the third and final benchmark increases this to 150% more skill points and expertise for everyone for the entire week! And these bonuses apply to specialization points for captains that are level 50 and above."

However, the only way to get these rewards is to make a new Delta recruit. Don't worry, the Delta cadets add account wide bonuses, so your main character can take a little break.

To motivate you into service, the team over at Star Trek Online have created a series of recruitment propaganda posters. I kind of want these in miniature.

While Star Trek is about the philosophical ramifications of exploring strange new worlds, there are times when you have to throw down. Join the fight over at Star Trek Online today.

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