LG Reveals New 2015 4K OLED & UHD TVs With The Help Of Netflix's 'Daredevil'

By Alex Riviello , Updated Apr 08, 2015 08:19 PM EDT

Today in New York City LG and Netflix joined forces to not only show off all of the tech manufacturer's 2015 lineup, but reveal how good Daredevil is going to look streamed on it. Appropriately enough, the event took place in the Hell's Kitchen area of Manhattan, the same neighborhood Daredevil calls home.

Journalists flocked to the event to find an impressive array of new products from the company, everything from their 4K UHD OLED TV, which garnered huge amounts of praise from its unveiling at CES last month, to a new PRIME UHD LED TV line, which is a step up from their ULTRA HD TV line, and offers a broader range of colors.

Curved screens were everywhere to be seen, although flat screens were still prevelent. At this rate it does seem like every tv will be curved in the future if the manufactueres have anything to do with it, however.

LG's OLED TV comes with a motto- "Perfect Black. Intense Color. INCREDIBLE AWE.", and attendees were given a helpfulpiece of black plastic to hold up on the tvs and showcase that their blacks were truly black. We joked about being thankful for being reminded of the color, but to LG's credit, it really did work. Put the little chunk of plastic up to one of their TVs and it would disappear into dark sequences, something that certainly is not hapening on my TV at home. (The only thing that's doing is making me sad.)

The trailer for Netflix's Daredevil played on many of the screens. LG was very proud to be considered by Netflix yesterday as one of their Netflix Recommended TVs, which is their list of TVs that offer a streaming service above and beyond what's typically expected of Smart TVs. While they would have liked to claim that it was only LG TVs that got this designation, it was also given to Sony's Android Full HDTVs, as well as Roku TVs from Hisense, Insignia, and TCL.

Regardless, it does seem to indicate that Netflix is certainly keeping 4k TVs in mind, not just for their streaming, but for their own in-house content. Case in point, Daredevil.

At a panel at the end of the event. Director of Photography Matt Lloyd was there to talk about the process of creating the show, and how things have changed. In the past no director would allow a screen to be dominated by darkness the way that Daredevil is, because on lesser screens no one would be able to see anything. Now with 4K TVs getting more widespread they can shoot it using new lighting methods and resolutions, confident that people will be able to see the exact same picture at home. At least, if you have a 4K TV.

We were also shown three clips from Netflix's Daredevil show but thanks to an NDA that everyone was made to sign upon entering, we can'tr tell you any more than that. The show will air on April 10, so at least you won't have long to see for yourself- although it's likely that unless you have a 4K tv you won't see blacks as black as the ones we saw.

Stay tuned here for more details about LG's lineup!

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