'Crypt of the Necrodancer' Launch Trailer Released: Game Of The Year Contender Hits Next Week [VIDEO]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Apr 16, 2015 02:16 PM EDT

Crypt of the Necrodancer has been available via Steam Early Access for some time now, but its full release is nearly upon us. Get excited, beause one of the most addictive games of all time is coming. Were serious- even though it's only April, this is an early Game of the Year contender. 

It's simply an experience unlike any other, a pulsing, music-based action/adventure/roguelike game that sees you moving and attacking to a beat. You don't just play Necrodancer, you get completely and utterly immersed in it. The music flows over you and you'll find yourself doing everything in your life to a beat.

But you don't have to take my word for it (dun dun dun), Crypt of the NecroDancer is the third-best-reviewed game ever on Steam, even in its Early Access state. 

The full version has now been confirmed to be coming on April 23. Those of you who have it know what's up, and here's what you can expect to find when the game updates to its final version:

-The final zone (zone 4) has been added, with a whole host of new enemies, traps, secrets, and minibosses
-Unique final boss battles for the main characters: Cadence, Melody, and Aria
-Story cinematics for Cadence, Melody, and Aria, after completing each zone
-One additional insanely difficult character: Coda
-10+ more achievements
-A new "technique trainer" lobby NPC who helps teach the game's higher-level techniques
-Some musical surprises we can't yet reveal!
-And, of course, a bunch of polish, balance tweaks, and bug fixes

Crypt of the Necrodancer hits April 23. Check out the launch trailer below.

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