Destiny House Of Wolves Details: Any Legendary & Exotic Gear Can Be Fully Upgraded, Expanded Material Trading Revealed

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 23, 2015 10:50 AM EDT

Bungie held a livestream yesterday to show off Destiny's next expansion, House of Wolves, and much of what is revealed will excite fans.

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Prior to the stream we knew most of what content would be added to the game, and while much of it is still a mystery, there were some new details regarding upcoming additions. Bungie toured The Reef social area, and showed off some changes to the game mechanics that will alter Destiny in a big way.

The most exciting change is the ability to upgrade any legendary and exotic gear to the new attack cap, 365. That's right, Guardians--your trusty Fatebringer, Shadow Price, and your other favorite gear will be made relevant again. You'll have a reason to use old weapons, and the variety in arsenal you'll see out there will be greatly increased as a result. You can do the same to armor, bumping it to the maximum defense and light level (the new light level cap will be 34).

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Furthermore, upgrading a weapon or armor to the new cap will not reset the perks and progression you've unlocked, which was unfortunately the case for exotics in The Dark Below. You also no longer need Xur to upgrade an exotic, and can do so if you have the materials.

How does the new legendary and exotic upgrade system work? You'll need a new material called Etheric Light, which will drop from the new high-level missions (and, I believe, has a chance to drop in Nightfalls).

Furthermore, Bungie has drastically expanded the material system in the game. You can now pretty much trade any material for another in a one for one swap at The Speaker. Ascendant Shards can be turned directly into glimmer and other materials, giving new life to your large pile of old materials. Bungie has been actively listening to fans, and feedback in the live Twitch chat (with over 130,000 people watching simultaneously!) was very positive.

The news of no Raid was not taken well, but the team is winning back the community with the new details--and that doesn't count what we saw of The Reef. There's still much more to come, so stay tuned for more news. A replay of the livestream broadcast is below.

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