'Call Of Duty Black Ops 3' Ember Trailer Reveals Futuristic 2065 Setting, Conflict Over Artificial Human Modification [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 23, 2015 03:56 PM EDT

Activision has only teased Call of Duty: Black Ops III so far, but its latest trailer tells us a lot more about the game than the debut teaser.

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Neither have shown gameplay footage so far, but we know more about the setting and plot than we did before. Black Ops III looks like it's taking a decidedly Modern Warfare approach to the proceedings, jumping us well into the future.

The trailer, below, takes us through a timeline of human technological evolution. From the humble beginnings of athlete steroid usage in the early 90s, through the human genome project and wearable technology of the early 2000s, to cybernetically modified humans of the future. It's a fairly cool theoretical timeline, certainly one within the realm of possibility, even if it's laid on a bit melodramatically. Many people don't take kindly to the idea of artificially enhanced people competing in sports and integrating into society--there's a line in there about some being tired of scientists 'playing god'.

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Whatever you may think personally, the trailer definitely sets the tone and setting for Black Ops III. A future conflict (the latest date shown is 2065) arises over these conflicts, and the game's story naturally falls on the use of engineered super soldiers. The military, a fictional whistleblower says to the camera, is using technology well beyond the abilities of the consumer products to create advanced fighters. This is, presumably, where you come in--whether or not you are one or must face them remains to be seen.

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