'Boom Beach' Update: New Sneak Peek Reveals Colonel Gearheart, Who Will Join Prototypes, Critters & More [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 05, 2015 12:52 PM EDT

Another Boom Beach update is ahead, with several sneak peeks from developer Supercell giving fans an idea of what to expect.

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The most recent preview was revealed today, when Supercell announced a new enemy, Colonel Gearheart. All we know about her so far is the name and image you see above, but if this follows the trends of the other previews a video for the character should be coming later today.

The past sneak peeks for the coming update have been first announced with an image, then followed up with video footage. The first video preview (from YouTube channel Reverser) shows off a new Gunboat ability, Critters. These tiny robots can be deployed behind enemy lines to distract defenses or attack buildings themselves. A Critter box launches the units into enemy territory, starting at six Critters per box at level one and adding one unit for every additional level after that.

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The next sneak peek revolved around Hammerman attacking the player in the new Hammerman Strikes Back event (video from BenTimm1). It is unlocked after defeating Hammerman's level 45 HQ. The new event will occur every six days, with the character appearing on your map for 21 hours--clicking his Gunboat and selecting 'defend' will begin the event.

Finally, the most recent update before Colonel Gearheart's reveal was the announcement of prototype defenses. Using a new weapons lab you can combine a variety of spare parts to create new experimental bases defenses--see them in the footage below via YouTuber NickAtNyte.

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