'Destiny' Prison Of Elders Details: Here's How The Gear & Rewards Work In House Of Wolves' Upcoming Mode

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 11, 2015 06:06 PM EDT

There's plenty of new content coming in Destiny's House of Wolves expansion--so much so, that things can get a bit confusing. There are several new game modes, including the multi-faceted Prison of Elders, and keeping track of the rewards can be a bit confusing.

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Fortunately, it's not quite as complicated as it sounds. There are four arena challenges in Prison of Elders, and each character can complete them once per week. You'll get the rewards from each, which will end up including many of the new materials--expect to collect multiple Etheric Lights and Armor/Weapon Cores by playing Prison of Elders.

That brings Variks into play, a new Fallen vendor in The Reef. The gear he sells will also reset weekly, and correlates to the Armor and Weapon Core material awards from completing the Prison of Elders arenas. He will offer both weapons and armor, so bring your Cores along, and you can also try the option that gives you gear at random.

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Having trouble following along? Enter BomberFD, who has put together a great video explainer (below) for the Prison of Elders. Reading through explanations of game modes with just text can be hard to absorb, so visuals can really help keep track of all the additions. BomberFD's video is relaxed, and takes you through the easiest way to get some level 34 gear in Prison of Elders. It's actually surprisingly quick how fast you can acquire several new items at the level cap, but not everyone will likely employ the dedicated format described in the video. Enjoy! House of Wolves is set for a May 19 release.

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