'Dying Light' DLC: The Bozak Horde's Electric Bow & Arrow Revealed, Watch It Take Out A Group Of Undead

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 12, 2015 04:02 PM EDT

Techland announced the release date for Dying Light's next DLC, The Bozak Horde, just yesterday. Now, we get to see one of its glorious additions in action.

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The above GIF shows off a new weapon from the coming DLC, bringing what is clearly a much needed electric bow and arrow to proceedings. The image comes from the Facebook page, which also tells us that this is an award from Bozak for those who can survive his challenges.

In the main game, Bozak is an NPC who provides the challenges to players around the city through hidden posters. We learned from the release date announcement that the DLC will challenge players to enter Harran Stadium, seemingly to take on waves (or, if you follow the title, hordes) of enemies. This bow is presumably the final reward (or one of several) for completing the Harran Stadium trials.

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We saw this content hinted at briefly in the past, with a shot of the Harran Stadium interior shown in a video outlining Techland's plans for future content. That brief glimpse depicted the player running along the outer ring of the arena, chased by zombies clambering over railings. Other than that short look, we haven't seen The Bozak Horde in action yet.

Techland has been pretty forthcoming with content plans via video releases, though, so expect to see more about The Bozak Horde before its release. Other than that, the same video from the past also showed off some dune buggy racing, which will no doubt excite fans. Dying Light is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can read our review here.

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