'Destiny' Connection Recovery Feature Will Help Prevent Players From Getting Kicked To Orbit

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 15, 2015 11:19 AM EDT

Bungie has detailed a new feature that sounds like it may spare players who suffer from internet issues plenty of frustration.

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Connection drops happen in any game--the internet is a fickle being--and in Destiny that means getting booted from your activity back to Orbit. Bungie has announced Connection Recovery, a feature that will make the game try harder to keep you in your session if there's a temporary internet issue.

Some connectivity problems might be too severe for the feature to handle, such as a full connection drop that isn't coming back any time soon, but Connection Recovery should be able to handle basic issues and automatically rejoin the server when possible. It will, to start, only be rolled out in the upcoming House of Wolves Trials of Osiris mode, a 3v3 competitive playlist where dropouts would hugely impact the game.

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"If you encounter the most common kinds of networking problems and lose your connection to the game you're playing, Connection Recovery will leap into action and attempt to reconnect you," Matchmaking Engineer Damian Frank explained. "It won't always work, because the underlying networking problem may be too severe, but it gives you a fighting chance at rejoining the server you were playing on. If it's successful, you'll keep your progress and your Fireteam."

"When you encounter a recoverable error, your screen will fade to black, as it always has. A message will inform you that we are attempting to reconnect you and will tell you what kind of error you've encountered. After a short time, you will either be respawned in the game or you will be returned to orbit."

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