'World of Tanks Blitz' Update 1.9 Released, Brings New Tanks, Balances & Bug Fixes [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 20, 2015 04:46 PM EDT

World of Tanks Blitz, the mobile edition of Wargaming's popular online multiplayer franchise for iOS and Android, has been updated to version 1.9.

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The patch adds new tanks and balances to many existing ones, as well as a number of general fixes. Below is a list of the new tanks, and a portion of the patch notes.

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There are quite a few balance changes made to each tank, so those are not included here for the sake of space. You can find the complete list here, but the important additions and tweaks are below. There is also a relatively lengthy video trailer for the update, which can be viewed at the bottom of the post.

New Content

- Second branch of German Medium tanks added to the Tech Tree:

- Pz III


- VK 30.01 D

- VK 30.02 D

- Indien-Pz

- Leopard PT A

- Leopard 1

General Fixes and Improvements

- Bombardier achievement excluded from the list of awards: players will no longer be able to get this achievement. Players who have already received this award will retain it in the Commemorative Tokens list.

- Mission descriptions corrected and improved.

- Offensive words vocabulary filter improved.

- Skill interface improved.

- Map translations updated.

- Automatic calculation of free experience required to accelerate skill training added.

- WoT Blitz Beta tester medal added to Google Achievements.

Bug Fixes

- Bug with incorrect numeric parameters display in skill descriptions fixed.

- Bug with incorrect functioning of "elite" vehicles markers fixed.

- Bug with absence of UI elements names on the battle screen fixed.

- Bug with graphics on slot purchase screen fixed.

- Bug with battle tutorial start fixed.

- Bug with excessive level of a sound accompanying enemy detection fixed.

- Bug with incorrect values display during vehicle speed characteristics comparison fixed.

- Bugs with sounds accompanying object destruction fixed.

- Bugs with absence of reflections on the Lost Temple map fixed.

- In-game notification and description texts fixed.

- Several general game client errors and crashes fixed.

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