Xbox Two Release Date, News & Update: Microsoft Is Building A New Console That Will Beat PlayStation 4.5; Xbox 1.5 Not Happening

By V Doctor , Updated May 16, 2016 09:08 AM EDT

There are rumors that Microsoft is preparing to launch the Xbox Two soon. The next upgrade is said to be significant and involves big numbers.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, revealed in an interview with GameSpot that he is not a big fan of Xbox 1.5. He continued that if they were going to move forward, they wanted to do so in big numbers. He wanted to introduce substantial changes and upgrades for users.

No Xbox 1.5 Coming

GameSpot noted Spencer in saying that he also does not have any inside information about the plans for the next-generation PlayStation. He explained that the Xbox is currently performing well and reliably. The servers are also good, so they will only focus on substantial improvements if they were moving forward. In terms of hardware upgrades, Spencer stated that they are not planning to feature individual upgrades within the system and would rather go for bigger alterations.

Rumored Xbox Two Specifications

Considering how Sony is preparing its next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 4.5, there were talks that Microsoft is also planning to unveil its next iteration to compete accordingly. The PlayStation 4.5 will include 4K resolution, so the Xbox Two will also at least have the same screen setup. The two gaming consoles are expected to offer backwards compatible titles.

There are also rumors that the Xbox Two will feature support for virtual reality games and Windows 10. The PS4.5 is also said to have an improved GPU, which means that the Xbox Two’s GPU, upon release, will also be better.

According to ValueWalk, some believe that the Xbox Two will be launched before the PlayStation 5. The new Xbox Two is said to feature an AMD chipset to allow backwards compatibility. Microsoft may also completely take out the disk drives and that Steam functionality will be built into the new console.

Physical discs may become a thing of the past and gamers may primarily rely on internet connection and servers to play. However, it is more likely that physical discs will still be present when Xbox Two releases, but there will be more base model options for consumers. There may be models without a physical disk drive, while others may feature bigger hard drive capacity.

Microsoft has not yet made an official announcement on the release of Xbox Two, but the company is expected to feature a new device at E3 2016. More updates and details on the Microsoft Xbox Two are expected soon.

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