'One Punch Man' Season 2 Updates: Fans Wants Crossover With 'Dragonball', Saitama's Power Punches Airs Soon?

By Stella Arellano , Updated May 19, 2016 07:58 AM EDT

"One Punch Man" has been in hiatus far too long. For the fans and followers, the demand to bring Saitama's silhoutte and power punches in the small screen arise. Moreover, fans have also demanded on having a crossover scene showcasing Son Goku of "Dragonball" Legacy against Saitama of "One Punch Man."

The idea may seem ridiculous at first since both anime segments were not released on the same era. However, it stands to reason that Saitama and "One Punch Man" have attained titanic achievements in its first season.

Although there are no notions that the said crossover will over, fans have been voicing it out much longer this time. Nevertheless, it remains unverified if the creators of both segments would agree and grant the whims of their viewers.

On a different note, the upcoming season 2 is anticipated to bring much strong resolve and strength of the "One Punch Man" legacy. "One Punch Man" has been slated for release before this year ends. Also, the much-awaited jam-packed superhero action will bring the fans closer to the premiere, plot rumors and rife that the heroes and especially Saitama will need to overcome, according to MNG.

In addition, the apprehensions of the enthusiasts should be lessened since last December, Murata gave affirmation that "One Punch Man" will boast of grandeur for its next season. He added on to say that he and his production crew are doing their best to meet studio's requirements, indicating the need to provide 100 sketches, 100 inked pages, and 100 storyboards, reports the same post.

Meanwhile, Christian Today mentioned that the premiere release would follow the same timeframe that the former season underwent. Also, there are rising notions that Saitama would undergo dark moments in his life and is set to disappear.

It is irrefutable that the legacy of "One Punch Man" has pushed the anime to be on par with one of the legendary anime of all time, the "Dragonball" franchise. Since the rumored crossover is still unverified, fans can just linger and wait for Saitama and "One Punch Man" season 2 to air in October.

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