iPhone 7 Rumors, News And Updates: What To Expect For Apple's Prestigious Smartphone For 2016 As It Drifts Apart?

By Stella Arellano , Updated May 28, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

Recent rumors, news and updates for Apple's iPhone 7 indicated unprecedented upgrades for the device. Also, many are insinuating on what to expect for Apple's prestigious smartphone set to dominate the handy phone market upon its release.

The next version of the iPhone is almost certainly in the pipeline and after last year's iPhone 6s upgrade, it's likely the technology giant will reveal a brand new design for this year's iPhone 7 even though there has not been any full affirmation regarding the new gadget, according to Mirror.

More rumored details regarding the new device focused on the release date that is forecast to occur by September. Also, there have been rumors that the new iPhone 7 would incorporate a new design that is not similar with its former predecessor, the iPhone 6 series.

Additional speculated designs and upgraded features for the new iPhone 7 is its size and thickness. It has also been noted that the new iPhone 7 would integrate new camera and better features in its graphic and overall design.

Moreover, gear enthusiasts can also expect upgraded features and specs. For one, it has been speculated that the forthcoming iPhone 7 would utilize the concept of Smart Connector for the 7 Plus series. Also, the device would have sophisticated accessories such as keyboards and stunning wireless charging capability.

There were also notion wherein in the iPhone 7 would no longer the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, but would rather use the Bluetooth and Lightning connections as an alternative, relays GMS Arena.

It remains to be seen how Appke's iPhone 7 would fare in the market upon its release and since the developers are still tight lipped on the matter, the apprehensions has just begun.

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