New Virtual Reality Venture Released by Jaunt Inc. In China

By Timothy Roberts , Updated Jun 02, 2016 09:44 AM EDT

Virtual company Jaunt announced that they will soon launch a virtual reality venture. Jaunt partnered with two Chinese companies for them to move forward with the start-up company, Jaunt China.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jaunt teamed up with Shanghai Media Group and China Media Capital. The companies will merges to come up with a virtual reality content that is compatible with their Jaunt One camera.

Jaunt already discussed the China launch, wherein they mentioned that they will be inviting SNH48, a pop group to perform during the big night. They will also announce their first software series for China, which will include virtual tours.

"We are thrilled to partner with SMG and CMC to be the first US-based company to launch a full-scale, end-to-end virtual reality production and distribution platform in China," Chief Business Officer for Jaunt, David Anderman said. "With the establishment of Jaunt China, we are well-positioned to meet the demand for premium VR content from a rapidly growing international audience."

Jaunt China's risky move is bringing the gap between virtual reality manufacturers as it is a huge leap for Jaunt to collaborate with China. Virtual reality companies including AntVr and DeePoon have been making a gesture in coming up with an innovative concept, yet buyers are still hesitant.

Virtual reality manufacturers are said to have lack compelling contents which would urge investors and consumers to invest on their headset. According to Tech Node, virtual reality manufactures seem to lack the edge in order for them to successfully distribute their products.

With Jaunt's expansion in China, the company's gigantic leap to cross bridges is still being considered as a risky move. Despite the risk however, Jaunt China still has the edge as they are backed with several major companies including Shanghai Media Group and Walt Disney.

Both companies already sealed the deal and will soon start a movie production specifically developed to target the Chinese market.

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