'Injustice 2' Trailer, News & Update: Will Sequel Be Better Than 'Gods Among Us'?

By Kathleen Nava , Updated Jun 10, 2016 04:33 AM EDT

With E3 2016 just around the corner, game companies are starting to drop big trailers to get people hyped and the most recent one to hit the web with the long-awaited announcement of "Injustice 2."

'Injustice 2': Announce trailer revealed

The "Injustice 2" trailer was just dropped and it looks like Batman, Superman, The Flash and all other characters in the game just got beefed up for Justice League fight night.

If you've never played it, "Injustice" is kind of DC's (Detective Comics) version of "Mortal Kombat" fight game with a lot of mixed RPG (role-playing game) elements.

In "Injustice 2," you will get to play it either using a story mode or a battle mode.

'Injustice 2': What's new with the 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' sequel?

In this big "Injustice" game, DC actually did a tie-in with the comic book series and it's called "Injustice: Gods Among Us," which is really a frightening take on the characters.

So everybody in "Injustice: Gods Among Us" is way more hardcore, everybody hates each other, and it's like the darkest timeline of Justice League.

So all the things that's been happening in the game is not the same like the comics and it's not happening on the TV shows, it's like its own self-contained universe.

The "Injustice 2" trailer opens up with Superman in a dark warehouse battling The Flash. After a particularly brutal move, Superman tosses The Flash and then the fastest superhero gets up and reveals a first peek at how the "Injustice 2" game will differ from "Injustice: Gods Among Us."

These heroes in "Injustice 2" got themselves some upgrade-able armor. According to a Rolling Stone interview with NetherRealm creative director Ed Boon, each character in "Injustice 2" will be seen with a "a vast, vast array of what we're calling gear."

So basically each character in "Injustice 2" will be completely customize-able with "thousands and thousands of pieces" so that you're in the constant process of making your version" of each iconic hero and villain.

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