Hideo Kojima Rumors, News & Updates: 'Metal Gear Solid' Creator Kojima Went Dark; Allies With Sony For His Next Titan Game Project?

By Stella A. , Updated Jun 14, 2016 04:16 AM EDT

Hideo Kojima and his epic rise to the gaming industry still stands strong even today. Along that line, latest reports regarding Hideo Kojima's plans have risen. It appears that the "Metal Gear Solid Creator" is prepping up to go dark as he works and allies with Sony for his next titan game project.

It appears that Hideo Kojima is shifting his stance and trusted his core instincts to keep the flame of link that has tangled him and Sony for many years.

Recent reports have surfaced that Kojima would still work with Sony to produce and collaborate with the tech giant for his new game under development.

According to Gamespot, Hideo Kojima knows how to keep the ties and keep the flame burning as well. To prove the latter, Kojima has affirmed his game and his decision to work alongside Sony and explained the core reasons for his actions.

"I was fortunate enough that I had many offers from many different people," Kojima explained. "However, with Sony I've had a long relationship and there has been no waste in trust within our relationship. So for this, for our first title, I wanted to base it on that relationship, on that trust that we have so that's why we're working with Sony."

Kojima added that Sony has been very entrusting with him, and even allowed him the creative freedom to curate whatever he wishes.

With the new game on the rise, many gamers are expecting positive features and specs for the forthcoming game with Sony. Game & Guide also reported that Hideo has also been working on his new studio that is projected to develop great and unparalleled creations.

It is irrefutable that the legacy of Hideo Kojima would always resonate and it is just a matter of time before his collaborative works with Sony for his new game dominates the gaming world and trade.

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