'Halo 5' Score Attack Mode Coming Soon, Says 343 Industries

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Jun 14, 2016 09:55 AM EDT

343 Industries has some exciting news for all "Halo 5: Guardians" players. The company is planning to introduce a "Halo 5" Score Attack Mode, which would surely delight more competitive players of the game.

The popularity of the game is undeniable; "Halo 5" managed to lure an astounding five million players within the first three months of its launch last year. With the announced future addition of a "Halo 5" Score Attack Mode, more players are bound to join the hoard of satisfied gamers.

343 Industries campaign engineer Gabe Deyerle confirms that the campaign scoring system in previous "Halo" games will now be introduced into "Halo 5," reports GameSpot. It would surely be a welcome feature for more hardcore gamers who want to quantify their skills in the game.

Deyerle admits that there will be some new twists to the "Halo 5" Score Attack Mode when compared to previous games. For instance, the number of medals to be gained is now increased to 50 and may be earned by gathering the most points by overcoming enemies "as stylishly as possible."

New Achievements in Upcoming "Halo 5" Score Attack Mode

The new "Halo 5" Score Attack Mode will also introduce new achievements, according to VG 24/7. 343 Industries will introduce five new achievements in the coming update with a total additional 125 in scores.

Drop A Quarter - Gives 10 score, achieved when players complete Score Attack mission with 10,000 points.

Up For A Challenge - Gives 20 score, achieved after completing a "Halo 5" Score Attack mission with Skull multiplier x 2 or higher and minimum 50,000 points.

Party Hearty - Gives 25 score, achieved after completing a Score Attack co-op mission which each member earning a minimum of 200,000 points.

The Hare - Gives 20 score, achieved by beating par time in "Halo 5"Score Attach mission.

The Tortoise - Gives 50 score, achieved by completing Score Attack mission with minimum 500,000 points.

Release Date of "Halo 5" Score Attack Mode

For now, there is no specific "Halo 5" Score Attack Mode release date. Although 343 Industries is promising that the feature would be available soon, no timetable has been given.

Is "Halo 5" Coming to PC?

Microsoft previously announced that "Halo 5" will be available for both Xbox One and PC. In addition, a gaming insider named Enter the Dragon Punch also said the same statement.

However, 343 Industries maintains that it does not plan to launch a PC version of "Halo 5" dashing all those rumors.

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