'Kingdom Hearts 3' News & Update: Fans Disappointed at E3 2016?

By Kathleen Nava , Updated Jun 20, 2016 04:38 AM EDT

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is undoubtedly one of the much-awaited games to date. "Kingdom Hearts 3" patiently waited for E3 2016 to know and learn more about the game but they were left unsatisfied and disappointed.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' News & Update: E3 2016 information

Even with the release of "Kingdom Hearts 2.8," the hype for "Kingdom Hearts 3" didn't die down. In fact, fans were expecting that Disney will give them even just a tiny bit of information about "Kingdom Hearts 3" but the company remained tight-lip about it.

But just because Disney prefers to keep the official information about "Kingdom Hearts 3" for themselves for now, doesn't mean nothing was really said about "Kingdom Hearts 3" at E3 2016.

According to Christian Today, "Kingdom Hearts 3" co-director Tai Yasue noted that it is a must that fans should play "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" Final Chapter Prologue before conquering "Kingdom Hearts 3."

"I think from 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8,' as the numbering suggests, it's really necessary before you play Kingdom Hearts 3," Tai Yasue said.

The "Kingdom Hearts 3" co-director stated that in order to understand the storyline of "Kingdom Hearts 3," it is important to play "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" Final Chapter Prologue first.

You will be able to learn about the "sorrow and torment" of Aqua in "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" Final Chapter Prologue so Tai Yasue said that "learning about her adventure, and her pain, really gives meaning to when you start Kingdom Hearts 3."

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As previously reported by Cross Map, Square Enix did not present "Kingdom Hearts 3" at the recently concluded E3 2016.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is slated for a Winter 2016 release, so fans will finally get their hands on "Kingdom Hearts 3" later this year.

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