BitTorrent Now Roll Out Music And Video Streaming App For Android, iOs, Apple TV [VIDEO]

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Jun 24, 2016 09:49 AM EDT

BitTorrent just rolled out a music and video streaming application for Android. The move was done in an effort to fully transition the company into a legitimate media software company.

Since its launching in 2004, BitTorrent has been widely associated with piracy and this is mainly due to the peer-to-peer file sharing type of service that it provides to various platforms including Android, Mac, Linus, iOS and Windows. The file sharing site also became a famous go-to for downloading pirated music, TV shows and movies, so it does not have a very good reputation at first.

In mid-2013, the company introduced the BitTorrent Bundle that allows the company to distribute only authorized content. This format was gradually developed by adding features that can cater to different type of users who prefer paid, ad-sponsored or free downloads in exchange for email addresses.

The move was a good decision for the company is finally traversing the path that can lead to the successful transition of becoming a legitimate file-sharing site. Moreover, the efforts of the people behind BitTorrent have the support of its more than 170 million users so the scheme is working so far.

The newly launched music and video streaming app is also part of the transitioning scheme. The app was announced on June 23 and it is called the BitTorrent Now. This is only available for Android at the moment but will hit Apple TV and iOS platforms later.

Moreover, the smartphone app gives users access to legal contents and videos. The app also supports VR contents and a variety of other formats. The options for the streaming are free, paid and ad-supported downloads, Los Angeles Times reported.

On the whole, BitTorrent Now is just like any other streaming application available for tablets and smartphones. The user simply needs to open the app, browse and hit play. The only difference from the leading streaming sites is that most of the files to browse from are from lesser known artists.

Love listening to music or watching movies? Perhaps the BitTorrent Now app is worth checking out. It is already on Google Play and coming soon to iOS and Apple TV.

Watch the clip to know about BitTorrent Bundle:

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