Samsung Foldable Tablet: Here's More Details About The New Technology

By Erika Miranda , Updated Jul 05, 2016 07:17 AM EDT

Samsung's rumored foldable tablet has made the headline yet again as more details on how the innovative technology can help create the previously massive device to fit on your pocket.

In May, Patently Mobile unveiled how Samsung is working on patent for a device under their Galaxy line that allows it to be folded in half. At the time, the website explained that the technology is no longer science fiction considering how OLED displays have been developed as featured in a German trade show.

The website also showed some images which detail how the screen can be folded. One of them shows a connection terminal which would also serve as a port connector which would connect the device to its charger. This means, the foldable gadget should be folded during charging.

Another image shows the device being attached to a charging port. This picture does not show any cable which might mean that the gadget would no longer require a USB port for charging.

Meanwhile, a report from Patently Apple features an image that comprehensively explains how the device can be unlocked from being folded. The image shows circles with different icons, something the outlet noted to be a confirmation that the device supports having more than one user.

In more recent news, Tech Radar said that this same device would also boast a so-called "float screen" technology. This innovation, according to the outlet, allows users to enjoy a sort of holographic image which shows the device's notifications so that the user no longer needs to snap it way out.

Quite interestingly, the patent for this technology is filed in November 2015. Since it had been filed for quite a while, many users may think it would be available in the upcoming Galaxy Tab S3. Of course, considering that the technology is still very new and with so many other aspects to develop, Samsung might take its time to perfect it before putting it on any smart device.

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