iMac 2016 Release Date, News & Update: New Processor, VR-Ready Interface? New Features, Specs Revealed!

By Daniel Flores , Updated Jul 07, 2016 07:49 AM EDT

Many fans anticipated the announcement of some details regarding the iMac 2016 last month during the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). However, that did not happen as Apple had not released an official green light for the iMac 2016 model and the fans were left disappointed. But, tech freaks keep the optimistic vibe as they shifted their attention to the web for rumors and speculations as to the release of the new 'iMac'.

iMac 2016 new features and specs

According to MacWorld, the processor that the new iMac 2016 will be using is the Skylake. It uses the same 14nm manufacturing process by Broadwell, brings better CPU and GPU performance along with reduced power consumption.

Apple and its iMac devices have a history of great quality of processors, if the rumors serve to be true then the new model will be top of its line. It will also feature graphics chips from AMD's Polaris set , which were announced at 2016.

AMD won the contract last year in October. However, it was only able to get confirmation from additional sources in April 2016, as WCCF Tech reported.

The contracts states that it's for two chipsets: Polaris 10 and Polaris 11, which are known as Ellesmere and previously known as Baffin. According to reports, these processors will appear in new desktops and notebooks from Apple such as iMac 2016, MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air 2016.

The Polaris chipsets offer improved the performance, reduced waste heat and power consumption and to improve the speed of the 'Mac 2016.

The iMac 2016 is rumored to have a virtual reality system, to reach out on a wider market system for PC users. AMD consistently talked up to its Polaris graphics chips as a way of bringing VR within the reach of a wider market of PC users. Many fans also expect the new device to arrive with a pre-installed macOS Sierra.

iMac 2016 release date and updates

There has been no confirmation yet as to when the iMac 2016 will be release but rumors state that the device will be out on October this year. For more updates on the iMac 2016, stay tuned to Gamenguide!

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