'Heroes Of The Storm' News & Update: Meet The New Addition Gul'dan, Know His Strengths, Superpowers & Abilities Here!

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 08, 2016 03:05 AM EDT

Blizzard already confirmed the new characters that will be added on "Heroes of the Storm." One of it is "World of Warcraft" Gul'dan and the video game company gave a glimpse of the strengths and abilities he is set to perform.

Gul'dan's Superpowers

Gul'dan will display, as Blizzard called it, a "sustained damage ranged" on "Heroes of the Storm" just like Warlocks from "World of Warcraft."

According to Game Spot, Gul'dan holds a mana but that doesn't mean that he can generate his powers on "Heroes of the Storm" like any other mana users do.

Gul'dan's Life Tap can let him use his mana on "Heroes of the Storm" in an instant, but he has to give up his health.

Hence, the players of "Heroes of the Storm" will be kind of torn if they will sacrifice a big part of Gul'dan's life in return for killing an opponent immediately.

Gul'dan also has the capability to shoot a straightforward attack, called Fel Flame, on "Heroes of the Storm." This can cause damage to everyone the character hits. 

Drain Life is one Gul'dan's strength to keep still in one place, but it can injure its target who is trying to restore his life on "Heroes of the Storm."

Lastly, Gul'dan's superpower on "Heroes of the Storm" dubbed as Corruption can do three attacks, if targeted correctly, in a row that his enemies will endure over time.

Two Kinds Of Abilities

Gul'dan,too, has two kinds of abilities on "Heroes of the Storm." One is called Horrify, a different kind of skill that can cause damages and fears to his enemies nearby, Uber Gizmo reported.

The other one is Rain of Destruction, Gul'dan's ability to muster a rainfall of meteors in one place for a limited amount of time.

"Gul'dan is a ranged Assassin who specializes in the use of fel magic to destroy all who block his path to power," Blizzard described Gul'dan's character on "Heroes of the Storm. "His hunger for power is considered to be his greatest strength and weakness."

At this time, Gul'dan is playable on "Heroes of the Storm" in the Public Test Realm.

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