'Pokémon GO' Latest News, Release Date & Update: Laser Beam Trajectory Of Nintendo's Game Unthinkable; Dynamo Game Destroys 'One Piece: Burning Blood,' 'Overwatch,' & 'Naruto Online?'

By Stella A. , Updated Jul 14, 2016 09:31 AM EDT

Recent events that have dominated both the real world and the social media is the latest released game of Nintendo, which is the "Pokémon GO." Also, the released game has surprised the world with its laser beam trajectory of success and unparalleled victory.

Rumors have also skyrocketed that "Pokémon GO" has the potential to destroy the gaming industry and affect the other games on the market block as well.

It is undeniable that the game "Pokémon GO" has surpassed the expectations of the world. It has dominated the workplaces, the public and every individual using an iPhone or an Android device.

Given the details, it is irrefutable to counter the success of "Pokémon GO" in the market. With just a few hours of being out, it has become a dynamo and became a contagious game that everyone would want to have.

However, not all regions could play the game. "Pokémon GO" is not playable yet in other countries such as South Korea and it is recently being released in the UK.

According to Mirror, "Pokémon GO," is being prepped up for the Britons as they wait their turn to download the game. The game was first played in Australia and New Zealand and the US.

It appears that the issues for the delay of "Pokémon GO" in the UK's shores are due to the decision of Niantic. The developer aims on ensuring that the servers could handle the demand and prevent overload.

Parent Herald mentioned another rumor that has also skyrocketed for "Pokémon GO". The post noted that the game is not that epic but the speculations have all been debunked.

Nevertheless, the time is finally ripe for "Pokémon GO" to enter UK's gaming segment and dominate the gaming industry in the same manner that it has created a buzz and frenzy moments for Australia, New Zealand and the US.

As for the rumors that "Pokémon GO" might overtake and destroy the legacies of other games such as "One Piece: Burning Blood," "Overwatch," and "Naruto Online," remains unsettled and unconfirmed.

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