Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit: Apple Wins ITC Ruling over Patents

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 15, 2012 12:46 PM EDT

Apple won a court case against South Korean technology giant Samsung over an International Trade Commission (ITC) case relating to patented technology in the iPhone and iPad, on Friday.

ITC Judge James Gildea ruled out Samsung's claim that Apple violated its patents. The findings of the judge will be subjected to a review by the full commission. ITC has the power to block all imports of products which infringe patents.

Last month, Apple won a landmark case against Samsung, where Samsung was found to be infringing upon Apple's patents and a San Jose court asked Samsung to pay over $1 billion in damages.

Samsung expects that the full commission will rule in its favor while it reaffirmed that Apple was "free-riding" on its technology.

"We remain confident that the full commission will ultimately reach a final determination that affirms our position that Apple must be held accountable for free-riding on our technological innovations," Adam Yates, a Samsung spokesman, said.

"We are proud of our long history of innovation in the mobile industry and will continue to defend our intellectual property rights," Bloomberg reported.

Apple was not available for comments.

"Apple at the ITC is bulletproof," said Rodney Sweetland, a lawyer at Duane Morris, to Bloomberg and added that Apple's clout at ITC was strong and if anyone had to win against Apple, it had to be at a foreign forum.

Sales of smartphones have reached great heights and there is stiff competition among Apple and Samsung to be the leader in smartphones. Both companies are fighting court battles around the world.

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