‘Half Life 3’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Is The Wait Over? New Game Details Revealed

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jul 15, 2016 11:58 AM EDT

The enthusiasm tied up to a potential “Half Life 3” may be slowly slipping away. Valve has yet to render some positive glimpse of progress tied up to the first-shooter game outside the previous mention of a possible virtual reality hook up.

Much of the VR-related adaption to “Half Life 3” was tackled in a previous post, thanks to some revelations of a hardware engineer named Alan Yates. He did mention how the AR/VR research team has grown though it may take more than that bunch to make the game an actual reality.

More Hands On Deck Needed

It is believed that only 1/3 of the Valve workforce has been assigned to “Half Life 3”, not exactly uplifting news. Valve CEO Gabe Newell continues to focus on other games like “Left 4 Dead”, and the scenario is likely to stick unless he gets that credible script he needs to make the game happen.

To date, no one has come forward with something credible and the only reason why “Half Life 3” is perhaps in circulation is the fact that people within Valve are still interested to see the game get a third installment.

But like readers and wishers, all that seems to be more on a gaming perspective. Ideas could be wandering from within but unless someone consolidates and transforms those ideas into a plan, nothing close to a “Half Life” return may transpire.

With nothing credible for now, the speculated release date still holds – 2018. Though there is time to see Valve consider it, someone with a great script in mind may want to take the lead.

At this rate, Newell may want to expand the radius of people who can come up with scripts. From his comments, it seems that he has limited it from within the organization which is understandable.

But if Newell is indeed inclined to make one happen, perhaps opening the doors to creative storytellers or even game developers (if any) could help. But it all depends on the level of interest that he and Valve top honchos are truly at.

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