‘Xbox One’ Latest News & Update: Background Music Won’t Be Using Spotify? New Console Details Revealed

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Jul 19, 2016 08:46 PM EDT

The Xbox One background music would finally be arriving music next month. But just to be clear, it won't be coming from Spotify.

The background music feature is part of Xbox One's major update to be introduced this summer. Since Xbox One would be playing catch to PlayStation 4, which had this feature since last year, people were expecting that it would also source its background music from Spotify, just like PlayStation 4.

But for now, all those expectations won't be coming true after all. In one of Spotify's official twitter posts, the music-streaming behemoth confirmed that it has not entered into any arrangement with the Xbox One background music feature.

Somebody asked Spotify's customers support on twitter about the launch date of the previously anticipated Spotify-based Xbox One background music. "@SpotifyCares When is there going to be a Spotify app for Xbox One? With the new background music update coming out soon, it should happen," posted the Twitter user named PalmyGamingHD.

SpotifyCares replies "@PalmyGamingHD. Hi! Right now we're focused on our exclusive partnership with PlayStation, we don't have any info regarding other consoles."

Based on the Twitter response alone, it was not revealed if there is an expiry date to Spotify's exclusive partnership with PlayStation. If course, the music streaming company would prefer not to cross PlayStation as the console holds the dominant market share in this market.

This puts to rest any hopes of Xbox One console owners that they would be getting the same Spotify-based background music like the PlayStation 4. At the moment though, Microsoft has not exactly revealed the type of background music Xbox One would be getting.

Xbox One may opt to have a background music feature utilizing non-streaming source like a hard drive or from a USB, reports Eurogamer. As an alternative, the console could still link the feature to streaming music apps other than Spotify.

The Xbox One background music feature arrives this August 2, 2016.


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