'Pokémon Go' Latest News, Release Date & Update: Know The Downloadable Pokémaps For iOS & Android Users Plus The Real-Time Webpage Tracker

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 21, 2016 01:20 AM EDT

In a desperate move to catch 'em all, "Pokémon Go" tracking maps are now emerging here and there. These trackers differ from smartphone applications to web pages that will definitely help the gamers to find Pokémon monsters.

Poké Radar For iOS Users

"Pokémon Go" players on iOS can now use Poké Radar that will make their hunt for Pokémon a lot easier.

Poké Radar is a kind of map that has been filled by "Pokémon Go" players with their submissions. It is packed with images of the found Pokémon around the city.

Poké Radar even displays the specific Pokémon group and time. It also carries the class and instance of day filters that allow "Pokémon Go" players to classify their searches.

"Pokémon Go" players can even give evaluations in a certain place to tell other usersof the rare finds in that particular spot.

However, Polygon noted that Poké Radar's system is often down, but "Pokémon Go" players are still hopeful that it will be fixed and updated with additional improvements.

Pokémap For Android Users

Pokémap for Android users is for the little technical know-how "Pokémon Go" players. The app is a free download and its location data comes straight from Google Maps.

The lead developer Ahmed Almutawa boasted to The Verge that Pokémap already has a number of "Pokémon Go" contributors within days of existence.

That is mere because Pokémap is being populated real time and reveals the exact location of the "Pokémon Go" monsters along with the PokéStops and Gyms.

Pokémap, too, has filters that let "Pokémon Go" players do specific searches. Hence, the app is being praised for giving accurate results.

PokéVision For Website

Moreover, PokéVision tracker that uses the Niantic API can be accessed on a webpage real time. The page can give "Pokémon Go" players the exact location of all the monsters nearby or the specifically selected place, as per Wired.

"Pokémon Go" players can click to plunge a location marker and start looking for a nearby Pokémon or just simply use the Search Bar and encode the exact site.

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