‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: The launches in Japan while a Redditor Claims it Already Collected All Pokemons! What's Next?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 22, 2016 08:31 AM EDT

The "Pokemon GO" craze has arrived in Japan just as one redditor claims, it already collected all the Pokemons listed.

Nevermind that the "Pokemon GO" posted a glitch when it launched in Canada, Niantics said, it's ready and they're heading to Japan. Surprisingly, the game comes with a catch and it's in the form of the "Pokemon GO's" apparent tie up with restaurants in Japan as its primary places to catch Pokemons.

According to BBC, the McDonald's sponsorship deal comes with the agreement that fast food restaurants will be the prime spot to find Pokemons or the counterpart of Gyms to exercise their Pokemons. Will it bother restaurant goers at all? Sure it will, but they also call on players not to bother them while playing "Pokemon GO."

An Australian YouTuber based in Japan admits, changing clothes and leaving the house as soon as he was able to download the app. The funny part is that, he even took with him two extra batteries to keep the game on while he's away. He also added, "So far I've been to the Japan post office which was my first poke stop, and now I'm on my way to a big park near my house."

Meanwhile, a Redditor apparently claims, he already collected all possible Pokemons in the "Pokemon GO" game. Out of the 151 collectible Pokemons, he at least collected 142, wherein the rest are labeled mythical Pokemons and are absolutely unavailable at the moment. With a total of 153 kilometers traveled and at least 303 eggs hatched, you can say that the Redditor user under the handle htb_hodor has earned his masters in the "Pokemon GO" game.

Is the "Pokemon GO" available in your location? What's your experience trying to catch that rare Pokemon? Don't miss all upcoming updates on the "Pokemon GO" game and make sure to read on GamenGuide.com.

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