'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: One Player Able To 'Catch 'Em All'! Gives Advice On How To Complete Your Collection, Check It Here!

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 25, 2016 08:49 AM EDT

Since it was released on July 6, "Pokemon Go" became a sought after game that it was able to conquer the world of gaming and the attention of the game aficionados. Now, a player named Nick Johnson reportedly concentrated hardly in playing the game and already "catch 'em all" within two weeks.

A Man Completes 'Pokemon Go' Monsters

In Nick Johnson's interview with Business Insider, he revealed his achievements and, unfortunately, other "Pokemon Go" players are only left to hunt region-specific creatures, the legendary characters and Ditto.

All in all, Nick Johnson had captured 4,269 Pokemon, produced 303 eggs and had walked a total of 153 kilometers in haunting "Pokemon Go" monsters since it was launched.

"Pokemon Go" gamers can now only catch Mr. Mime, which can only be seen in Europe, Kangaskhan from Australia and New Zealand and Farfetch'd that can be found only in Asia .

Nick Johnson recently told GameSpot that he has, actually, spent a lot of bucks on playing "Pokemon Go" to complete all the monsters, which he also shared on Reddit page.

A Sponsored Hunting in 'Pokemon Go'

Aside from that, USA Today learned that Nick Johnson had an offer from Marriott Rewards to finance his hunt of the regionally-based "Pokemon Go" monsters in Europe, Japan and Australia.

In fact, a spokesman from Marriott Rewards confirmed that they sponsored Nick Johnson journey to complete his "Pokemon Go" collection.

Tips To Complete 'Pokemon Go' Monsters

Nick Johnson advised other "Pokemon Go" players on how to succeed to "catch 'em all." He said that if the gamers are going to spend money on hunting, they should invest on buying egg incubators and a pair of "good walking shoes."

Nick Johnson also said that other "Pokemon Go" trainers should ask their fellow coaches for a little information on where they could find Pokemon.

Lastly, "Pokemon Go" players should make it to the point of walking directly when they are aiming to hatch an egg.

This is because "Pokemon Go" uses "a distant placement calculation" that requires the gamers to walk in a straight line.

"I learned that the hard way," Nick Johnson said. "My childhood dreams of being a Pokémon master have come true."

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