'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Find And Capture Rare Pokemon, Hatch Eggs The Easy Way

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Jul 25, 2016 04:37 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" has become an unprecedented global phenomenon in gaming. The game is now pervasive crossing demographics and geography; almost everyone with a smartphone has installed the game. Now, a lot of gamers are searching for "Pokemon Go" cheats, hacks and tips to guide them how to find and catch rare Pokemon.

This "Pokemon Go" cheats and hack could be a valuable resource for players who which to progress into the game faster than the rest. This would hopefully teach Pokemon Go players how to find and catch rare Pokemon.

"Pokemon Go" Cheats, Tips - Use Correct Balls

Since rare Pokemons are hard to find, players must increase their odds of successfully capturing them should they cross their paths. Instead of using the regular PokeBall, players need to tip the odds in their favor to capture the Pokemon by using Great Balls, Ultra Balls and even Master Balls.

Great Balls offer 50 percent more chance of capturing the target Pokemon when compared to the regular PokeBall. Players who are bent on bagging that rare Pokemon need to remember this important Pokemon Cheat.

Ultra Balls, on the other hand, have 100 percent greater chance of capturing the target Pokemon compared to the regular PokeBall. Ultra Balls also have 33 percent more chance of bagging that Pokemon compared to Great Balls

Master Balls are the ultimate but they are hard to come by. Players need to use them wisely. Master Balls capture the target Pokemon without fail so Pokemon Go hacks and tips always warn players to use them only in capture the rarest of the rare Pokemon.

"Pokemon Go" Cheats - Some Pokemon Are Location Dependent

Pokemon Go players also need to learn that some Pokemons are location dependent. Of course, water-based Pokemons would spawn near bodies of water and so on. It pays to do some research on the subject to increase the odds.

However, there are certain Pokemons that are restricted to a specific region. For example, Mr. Mime is said to be only found in Europe, Farfetch'd is spawns only in Asia while Kangaskhan is only native to Australia. Unless a player goes to these places, these three are likely out of a player's reach.

"Pokemon Go" Cheats, Hacks - Use Razz Berry

This particular "Pokemon Go" hack is very important if players want to increase their chances of catching a Pokemon successfully. According to Macworld, Pokemon Go players need to feed the wild Pokemon a Razz Berry before they make an attempt to catch it.

The Razz Berry increase the chances of successfully capturing a Pokemon by lowering the Pokemon's inhibitions until the player launches the PokeBall. However, if the player misses the first try, he needs to feed it again.

"Pokemon Go" Tip For The Lazy - Hatch Eggs Without Walking

Hatching eggs in "Pokemon Go" is a troublesome but necessary business. Depending on the type of egg to be hatched, players need to walk, run, bike or ride the car from two to ten kilometres for the eggs to hatch.

However, one player developed an effective "Pokemon Go" hack to those who just can't be bothered to move a kilometer or two. Rusta Cage, a Pokemon Go player from UK, found out that placing his smartphone on top of a playing record player has the same effect, reports Mirror.

But some actually prefer the sweaty method of hatching the Pokemon eggs. For them, it would be the best time to exercise because it does not feel like exercising at all.

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