'Pokemon GO' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Why Catching Pokemons While Inside Moving Car Could Be Difficult For Some But Easy For Others

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Jul 27, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

First of all, here's a "Pokemon GO" tip all drivers need to remember: never play "Pokemon GO" while driving a car. The highly popular game might be fun but it's probably more distracting than texting.

Having said that, it must be assumed that those players discussing "Pokemon GO" tips about catching a Pokemon while inside a moving car are just passengers. Based on these car passengers/Pokemon GO players' experiences, trying to capture a Pokemon while inside a moving car can either be a lot easier or a lot harder.

Pokemon GO players are comparing notes about their experiences trying to capture a Pokemon while inside their car, according to The Bitbag. Reddit user to I_play_elin recounts his disappointing experience saying, "So far, every single Pokemon I've tried (probably 20) has broken free and run after 1 ball. INCLUDING A 10 CP RATTATA THAT I RAZZED AND HIT WITH A GREAT BALL CURVEBALL AT VERY SMALL RING."

"Pokemon GO" Tips, Hacks - Does Car Speed Matter?

This sparked a lively discussion in the thread as Pokemon GO players began comparing their experiences. Some complained that they have dismally low success rates when trying to catch a Pokemon on the road. On the other hand, other players say that the opposite is actually true; catching them seems to be a breeze while doing so inside a moving car.

Finally, a user named Sarosar, hypothesized that he success in catching a Pokemon could be dependent on car speed. According to Sarosar, he noticed that city driving speeds between 30 to 40 mph seem to be the best speed in catching Pokemons. On the other hand, he notes that highway driving at 70-80 mph seem to encourage them to run away.

"Pokemon GO" Tips, Hacks - Is Incense Messing Up With The Capture Rate?

But his theory was refuted by the thread starter I_play_elin who confirms he was able to catch pokemons while travelling at highway speeds before. What he suspects is that using incense at these situations could be messing up with the catch rates.

"I can only conclude that there is some modifier on Incensed mons that makes them uncatchable if you move away from where they spawned," comments I_play_elin.

For now, there seems to be no clear-cut guidelines for this scenario from the "Pokemon GO" devs. What players can do for now is try to compare notes and hopefully reveal the hidden algorithms of the game.

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