‘Deadpool 2’ Release Date, News & Update: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively To Make Sequel Sexier? Spiderman, Cable, Ajax Joining the Cast Too!

By Jastine Uy , Updated Jul 27, 2016 07:30 AM EDT

Millions of fans are now excited for the upcoming release of "Deadpool 2" movie. Now, new reports are claiming that Blake Lively is going to be the new love interest of Ryan Reynolds in the forthcoming sequel.

Actress Black Lively officially joins Ryan Reynolds in 'Deadpool 2'

GamenGuide previously reported that Ryan Reynolds will be joined by Blake Lively in the upcoming "Deadpool 2" movie. Reports about the "Café Society" actress her husband in the "Deadpool" sequel started to spread after she admitted that she does not want to see Ryan Reynolds making love in movies.

"Having your husband having mashed potatoes eaten out of his butthole, because that's in the film, is lovely," Blake Lively said of "Deadpool 2" actor Ryan Reynolds' sex scenes. "It's a cruel and unusual form of torture."

Sources say that Blake Lively could possibly join "Deadpool 2" as she does not have other movies to work on next year. Moreover, seeing "The Age of Adaline" star together with husband Ryan Reynolds in the sequel is expected to create buzz about the movie.

More bed scenes for Black Lively, Ryan Reynolds in 'Deadpool 2'

Moreover, insiders have claimed that the addition of Black Lively in "Deadpool 2" could also bring more sexiness to the sequel movie. If so, then fans should expect more bed scenes between Ryan Reynolds and his new love interest.

Though these reports could be true, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are yet to comment on these "Deadpool 2" reports. So, fans should take everything with a grain of salt until proven true.

Meanwhile, other "Deadpool" 2 spoilers suggest that Ajax (Ed Skrein) is making a huge comeback in the upcoming sequel. Aside from Blake Lively, Spiderman and Cable will also be joining Ryan Reynolds in the much-awaited movie.

"Deadpool 2" is expected to hit theatres in 2018. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Deadpool 2" news and updates!

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