‘Clash Of Clans’ 2016 Latest News & Updates: Read About The New ‘ClashCon 2’ And ‘Battle Champs’ Games [VIDEO]

By Anne Caballo , Updated Jul 28, 2016 11:24 AM EDT

One of the most popular mobile game today is SuperCell's "Clash of Clans". Due to its popularity and success, many apps are now being based according to the CoC gameplay.

A week ago Marika from SuperCell wrote on their site's forum about their mini update and maintenance. "New levels for Archer Tower and Giant are just around the corner and maintenance break is coming soon! While we're in maintenance, we're also replacing some old servers to make sure that everything runs smoothly." Marika wrote.

Although there are some slight changes, gamers are not happy about it. According to Fansided, it didn't take too long for players to realize it was a disappointment. It was a three-month long development yet gamers are given an upgrade to level 8 giants and level 14 archer tower. And that's about it.

All about "ClashCon 2"

A YouTuber named Clash with Ash caught an image and quickly posted a picture about "ClashCon 2," which started a buzz about what the second event could offer about the game. The picture was taken from a live stream of "Clash Royale" tournament that happened in China yesterday on Youtube. You can check the leaked picture right here.

On a different article, Fansided wrote about discussions happening online about "ClashCon 2" where he stated some of the most popular ideas which includes new game mode, Tournaments with some of the top YouTubers and/or war clans and contents that will be revealed to public at the event.

What is "Battle Champs?"

"Battle Champ" is a game inspired by "Clash of Clans" which may later be replacing the said game. it has 10 adorable little monster called champs to choose from as an army.

According to 148apps, "Battle Champs" has a build and battle gameplay, similar to the popular "Clash of Clans." Even if they have some similarities it is not a total clone as the developer of the game, BlazeGames made a serious effort in being unique in some ways and  improve features of "Clash of Clans."

"Battle Champs" has a touch of a Japanese twist. The game includes the critter collection of "Pokemon" and "Yo-Kai Watch." as said in PocketGamer.

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