‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats and Update: Where to Find Spawn Locations; Tips & Tricks for Catching All Types of Pokemon [VIDEO]

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Jul 28, 2016 06:59 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" is all about catching Pokemon but this is not easy to do if the player does not know where to go to find the creatures. Luckily, there are tricks and tips that will help any player with their hunt for Pokemon.

Firstly, knowing where the Spawn locations in the "Pokemon Go" game will give the best advantage to players. This is because, they can easily go to the sites according to the type of Pokemon that they are looking for. For every group of Pokemon, certain locations have been designated exclusively for them.

Now, since anyone can find a Pokemon almost everywhere, the list below will help the playersin catching the Pokemon types they want. Gamers must keep in mind that the creatures appear in spawn locations at least once every hour, Comic Book noted.

Water Pokemon

Water Pokemon are found in places with water such as parks with a pond. Specific Spawn locations to find them are: canal, dock, harbors, lake, ocean, beach, river, riverbank, stream, wetland, ports, reservoir and basin.

Fire Pokemon

They are Pokemon usually found in residential areas but it was said that fire Pokemon in places with dry or arid climates give higher spawn rate. Spawn Locations for these creatures include cities, neighborhoods, dry/arid climate, warmer climate, beach and parks. It should be noted that Olympic stadiums have high Charmander spawn rates.

Grass Pokemon

They are easiest to find because their Spawn locations are common places. Spawn locations for Grass Pokemon include parks, farmland, forest, hiking trails, gardens, golf courses, woodland, grassy areas, meadow and nature reserve.

Electric Pokemon

These are found within the proximity of universities and college campuses. Sometimes, they are also present in residential and spacious concrete areas like the school. Industrial parks, commercial districts and railways.

Psychic Pokemon

This type of Pokemon is found in residential areas at night and sometimes, in hospitals and grassy sites. Hunting them in residential spaces at night gives high Spawn rates. Villages, known subdivisions could be your goldmine for these Pokemon.

Bug Pokemon

They are similar to grass Pokemon so they are also found in farmland, woodlands, forest and nature reserves. Large grassy open fields like golf courses and gardens are best places to catch them.

Ground Pokemon

Go find them in parks, woods, golf courses, quarry and farms. Examples of ground Pokemon are the Sandshrew, Sandslash and the Cubone.

Poison Pokemon

They spawn in areas close to wetland and occasionally in industrial areas. Get them around lakes and marches too.

Normal Pokemon

These Pokemon spawn anywhere and they can be the easiest lot to locate. Catch them in parking lots, residential areas, college campuses and universities.

Dragon Pokemon

Dragon Pokemons are the likes of the Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite.These are the creatures that bring players to landmarks and well-known spots around the place.

Fairy Pokemon

Find these Pokemon in churches, popular city spots, cemeteries and landmarks. Fairy Pokemon are the likes of the Clefairy, Granbull and the Florges.

Fighting Pokemon

Spawn locations for them include real gyms, sports centers and stadiums. They can be present in recreation centers as well.

Ghost Pokemon

They can be spotted in churches and it was reported that they give higher spawn rates when hunted in the evening, early morning or afternoon. They appear in residential locations too.

Ice Pokemon

These creatures are present in most bodies of water and broad grassy locations. Finding them in snowed areas such as ski resorts and glaciers, will give the player higher spawn rates.

Finally, players can also rely on the tracker map created by PokéVision, to find creatures in the "Pokemon Go game." The maps at the site are in real-time so it is helpful too.

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