‘Pokemon GO’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Get Pikachu Faster; Raise Level & XP?

By Stella A. , Updated Jul 30, 2016 12:32 AM EDT

In "Pokemon GO", gamers have the capacity 350 items in the inventory. Having a full space inventory does not mean that a player should stop visiting PokeStops. Stopping over a PokeStop is always because of the XP rewards given to players.

According to The Bit Bag, there is no need to avoid PokeStops when players' inventory is full, because obtaining XP and levelling up plays a major role in the game, "Pokemon GO." Most gamers of "Pokemon Go" commonly vacate their inventory before going to a PokeStop. This is reportedly important Niantic said, because gamers need to free their inventory for items.

When inventory room runs full, player can easily put away the items that are not necessary anymore. This is the logic why gamers of "Pokemon GO" oftentimes oversee the urge of stopping by at PokeStops. This won't be a good idea because players might lose XP rewards in the nearby PokeStop.

 Reddit user suggested gamers of "Pokemon GO" could simply stop at the PokeStop and gather XP. Even if gamers do not desire to have the items in PokeStops, it is actually a great concept to collect the free XP reward.

When the inventory in "Pokemon GO" runs out of space, the game will actually notify the players. There is a trick which players can practice to exceed the inventories' space more than 350 items. Upon reaching level 6 in "Pokemon GO," players can gradually collect more items than the current boundary.

It is ever necessary to handle items from the inventory to ensure that player do not excess bags with items, only to disregard them when it runs out of space. Usage of potion more often can help players maintaining the balance as they go into Gym battles for "Pokemon GO." For players cannot throw items from their inventory, stopping to PokeStops is still worthy, as it gives 50 XP in "Pokemon GO."

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