'Pokemon GO' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How Can Gamers Conquer The Real-World Places; Major Game Secret Revealed!

By Stella A. , Updated Aug 01, 2016 11:21 AM EDT

It is irrefutable that the "Pokemon GO" game was able to successfully merge reality and the imagination. Also, rumors of how the game is now prepping up to conquer the regions of the world with such high aspirations is escalating.

Many are wondering on whether "Pokemon GO" and its aspirations would be achieved or not. Others are even insinuating that NiantIc is not divulging everything about the game and its specs and features along with its gameplay details

However, one thing that sets "Pokemon GO" apart from the other games is its ability to play in the real world. Its unprecedented success has affected the real world with such craziness and frailty. A merging of positive and negative perspectives have surfaced for the epic game.

Nevertheless, the creators and developers aims on a harmonious relationship between the real world and the world depicted on the game. According to Gamespot, "Pokemon GO" was launched and it has sparked much confusion for the actual places. It has spawned an influx of traffic and disarray owing to the fact that these real areas have been marked as Gyms and PokeStops.

This is also primarily the reason why "Pokemon GO" and its developers want to make sure that the real world is not baffled by the elements on the gaming counterpart. Many are hoping that more tips and tricks would be unveiled so that the gamers could play the game efficiently.

Since the PokeStops are vital elements to the game, avoiding it would not augur well. For one, the PokeStops of "Pokemon GO" would ease the passage of gaining more power points. Game & Guide  also reports various means to increase the game level and generate more XP's to power up and gain Pikachu as well.

It remains to be seen in whether Niantic has something on its sleeves or that it would find ways to assure that "Pokemon GO" would not be the cause of the social problem and disarray of the communities. Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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