‘Steven Universe Season 3’ Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Connie’s Gem Mission a Success?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 01, 2016 06:34 AM EDT

The ongoing "Steven Universe Season 3" episodes have been quite the positive outcome of their long hiatus from Cartoon Network. Now, it looks like things are getting more interesting as Steven, Pearl and Connie sets on a mission to find a dysfunctional gem.

This should be Connie's first mission and according to some of the "Steven Universe Season 3" spoilers, Connie fared well in the mission. More like a training to Connie, Steven and Pearl guided her as they set on the mission. Prior to the mission though, Connie was presented by Steven with Rose Quartz' sword, something that she took with her when they went on a mission.

Besides the sword, according to CT, Connie was taken in by Pearl and trained her to use the sword. Her training will have something to do with protecting Steven at all times. Also, during the mission on "Gem Hunt," Steven was kind enough to take a picture of Connie when they reached the replica of the "wailing stone."

Meanwhile, things looks like they are getting serious where Steven is concerned. In the  previous "Steven Universe Season 3" Steven was caught between restaurant wars wherein, two rival restaurants fought over Steven's off the menu order.

The fight started when the owner of Fish Stew Pizza saw Steven eating some fries that has all the ingredients of a pizza. He started accusing the owner of the Beach Citywalk Fries of infringing his ingredients thus, returning to his restaurant and puts on the sign that they also serve fries.

"Steven Universe Season 3" will continue to air its episodes daily on the Cartoon network until August, and the next episode entitled "Gem Hunt" will air on Monday, August 1 on the Cartoon Network. Meantime it would be fun to see some news of the upcoming "Steven Universe Season 3" here on GameNGuide.com

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