‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Game Removes 3 Step Trackers Making It Harder To Catch Pokemon, Players Enraged

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Aug 02, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

Pokemon GO players were not happy to wake up one morning to realize that catching Pokemon just got even harder. Apparently, it's all because of Niantic Lab's latest "Pokemon GO" update which players had hoped would fix the problematic 3 Step Tracker part of the game.

For weeks, Pokemon GO players have been complaining that sometimes unpredictable tracker feature of the game. The three-step tracker feature has earned nicknamed three-step glitch by players who are frustrated of the Pokemon GO tracker feature not working properly.

With the latest Pokemon Go update version 0.31.0, Niantic Labs "fixed" the bug, but not in a way players wanted. Instead of fixing the Pokemon GO three step tracker feature, the company instead decided to shut down the feature completely, reports Forbes.

The Pokemon GO three step tracker feature is a helpful feature of the game that helps players gauge the proximity of a wild Pokemon. The Pokemon GO app would display three steps if a Pokemon is around but somewhat far from the player's location, two steps as they player gets closer and a single step as a player gets nearer to the target Pokemon.

Of course, one can imagine the backlash from Niantic's of the Pokemon GO three step tracker feature. To say that Pokemon GO players are unhappy would be a bit of an understatement as things currently stand.

It seems that Pokemon GO players do not like the way Niantic dishes out these updates, which usually come without warnings. Aside from the removal of the tracker feature, Niantic also decided that the best way to balance the game is to change the attack ratings of the Pokemon themselves.

Now Pokemon GO players are starting to fight back and make their displeasure felt by Niantic where it hurts most - the bottomline. In Japan for instance, players are said to be downvoting the "Pokemon GO" app and is now rated below 2 stars according to The Bit Bag. Angry players believe that a lower rated "Pokemon GO" game would be the way to get Niantic Labs address their complaints.

In addition, some players are even shying away from the in-game shop deliberately. This move would definitely be felt by Niantic since the game is free and only relies on microtrasactions to earn.

With the growing discontent from its Pokemon GO fanbase, Niantic should act quickly to retain its share of the market. While Pokemon GO did enjoy a meteoric rise in popularity, the opposite could be true as well. It is highly possible for Pokemon GO's popularity to fall just as fast as it rose, if Niantic stubbornly refuses to address gamer concerns.

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