'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Legendary Pokemon Articuno Spotted! Is It Real?

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Aug 03, 2016 09:14 AM EDT

There is an emerging clip showing the Legendary Pokemon, Articuno, being caught by a "Pokemon Go" player. Although it looks incredibly real, some question if the video is fake or the game's "morphing bug" causes to reveal a different kind of Pokemon.

It has been known that "Pokemon Go" is currently having a morphing bug that may cause Articuno to come out in the game. Hence, what the players see might be different from what it really is. However, another "Pokemon Go" player shared a screenshot of Articuno Gym defender from another user, named kaitcovey.

Although the Legendary Pokemon Articuno hasn't made its way yet to "Pokemon Go," the main reason for this might be the morphing bug. So, the players are advised not to take it seriously and keep their high hopes low, as per The Bitbag. Other Legendary Pokemon that are not yet introduced in "Pokemon Go" are Moltres and Zapdos.

Meanwhile, SlashGear reported that the video that showed catching Articuno might be edited. One can simply create that kind of clip by downloading a "dump" of "Pokemon Go" assets. Then, he can extract the pieces that have the exact recreation of the "Pokemon Go" catching scene, make an animation and it can come out with this type of sequence.

Of course, the user also has to find the 3D models of Pokemon for a more realistic look. In fact, this could come very handy as the Legendary Pokemon can be seen easily over the internet. The 3D models have an "OBJ" file type, which is somehow alike to "Pokemon Go" APK file.

The creator, then, only has to download an app Blender, which can run on multiple operating systems; it is a free and open-source animation editor. With that, he can start putting the Legendary Pokemon in the "Pokemon Go" background and it is that easy.

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