'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 Air Date, News & Updates: Ken Will Live With Or Without Arima's Help; Epic Fight Underway?

By Stella A. , Updated Aug 05, 2016 07:16 AM EDT

The impending return of "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 has brought forth much expectancy and a whole lot more of presumptions as well. It has been speculated that Kaneki Ken and Arima would face each other in an epic fight.

Other presumptions have also surfaced that both Kaneki Ken and Arima would battle one another for the glory of power and of love. Despite the strong controversy surrounding "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3, there has not been any affirmation that the rumors would materialize in the upcoming episodes.

Also, according to Parent Herald, the delays are caused by the other projects that are prioritized by Studio Pierrot. According to the report, the creators have shifted their attention to more manga-centric variation before it would air "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3.

I'm still crying.... #TokyoGhoul pic.twitter.com/uyPSKuPZ8Q

- Nashaly (@TheImpureSouls) August 2, 2016

It has also been mentioned that protagonist Kaneki Ken, also called as Haise Sasaki would prep up to face Arima. Moreover, as for the rumors of love, brawls and a new character on board, there has not been any affirmation that a new character would be added to bring demise and pain to the current characters when "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 returns.

I'm still crying.... #TokyoGhoul pic.twitter.com/uyPSKuPZ8Q - Nashaly (@TheImpureSouls) August 2, 2016

In a different note, Game & Guide formerly reported that Ken would even transform and embody an evil silhouette. However, it remains unverified on whether his transformation is partly due to the rumored brawl against Arima when "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 airs on the small screens.

The same report also relayed that "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 and its storyline have not been fully confirmed by the creators of the arc. Also, although rumors have erupted, there are still too many things that fans and followers could expect for the upcoming episodes.

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