'Civilization 6' Latest News & Updates: 'Religious Victory' Discovered; How To Win It

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 05, 2016 07:11 AM EDT

"Civilization 6," which is currently in the works, had a recent gameplay showcase which introduced a new kind of victory. Dubbed "Religious Victory," the new victory offers a new way for players to win the game aside from military, cultural and scientific advancement.

Previously, players can win the game through a Science Victory, which requires being the most technologically advanced country in the world at a certain date, a Domination Victory, which requires being the supreme power in terms of military might, or a Culture Victory, which involves being at the forefront of tradition and arts. "Civilization 6" introduces the Religious Victory, which will most likely involve maintaining solid relationships with various states.

"Civilization 6" on Reddit confirmed that although Religious Victory is the new approach to winning in the game, the other rumored Diplomatic Victory will not be included. A new Firaxis livestream of "Civilization 6" revealed that the Monastic Isolation status and Religion Lens feature will help players achieve the Religious Victory.

The Bitbag stated that in "Civilization 5," religion was generally a small and bonus-based system that provides benefits to players with more military strength, generation of Great Persons, additional tile yields and City State influence control. The new Religious Victory can also serve as an effective alternative to World Congress, which requires players to engage in indirect conflict and battle for key locations.

Having several followers in Religion in "Civilization 6" may subsequently turn it into a World Religion, which will provide a Tourism Boost to garner a Culture Victory. However, some players may not approve of the approach and prefer independence among the different methods of winning. Most likely, Firaxis planned for the "Civilization 6" Religion Victory to stand alone, instead of merely supplementing other types of victory.

RockPaperShotgun wrote that the game franchise has remained consistent and the same through the years. "Civilization 6" featured all the elements that were available in the fully expanded "Civilization V," and more. There have been plenty of enhancements in terms of graphics, bonuses and gameplay. It was also a plus that the strategy game emphasized more on religion, thereby giving players more to think about aside from advancing science and culture. "Civilization 6" is more dynamic than ever as a whole. "Civilization 6" is set to launch on Oct. 21, 2016. More updates and details are expected soon.

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